Our Materials


High quality fin design is no good if the materials do not meet the same standard. So here at Pineline, we ensure our fins are hand crafted using only the highest quality fibreglass, resin and dyes. 

This is the stuff you surfboards are made from. Industry standard with reliable performance quality, E-Glass produces the lightweight and durable fins we have all come to know and love. As a bonus, its high clarity allows for the vibrant colours we are able to produce.   

The original old school cloth used for longboard, fishes and fins - its iconic slight green tint is more than just that.  Boasting a larger weave, and higher absorption of resin, volan fins provide a far superior flex and greater response. 

Each and every part of the manufacturing process we complete ourselves - panel laying, foiling, sanding. We aim to produce the highest quality handcrafted fins - and let our fins speak for themselves. 

If you would like any personalized fin advice from us, please contact us, we're always happy to help.