Our Story


It’s no secret surfboard shapes have stemmed from backyard passion projects over the years.  From the original straight planks to the high-flying performance orientated shortboards we see today, and everything in between. Each shape designed for a purpose, refined by a feeling. 

Fins are no different.

The artist, a slightly different medium and his tools. 

This is the Pineline story. Handcrafted fins from my little old shed in a Papamoa backyard. 

Each fin, hand created from start to finish by myself, Nathan. A builder by trade, with a love of the ocean and an eye for refinement. 

The company originated in 2018. Inspired by the ocean, born out of a curious nature and I’ll give-it-a-go attitude. Its namesake – my local, the line of pines framing the Papamoa Domain.  

What began in a roughly converted garden shed, has since evolved into a purpose-built workshop. Like my fins, everything is hand-built by myself and the old man. It is here endless hours are spent laying glass, foiling, sanding and adding the finishing touches.

There’s something satisfying about following a foil line. Seeing the shape come into fruition, perfecting symmetry. My tools have become an extension of my hands - creating polished lines suitable for a desired purpose.  

But there’s certainly more to fins than meets the eye. The range is ever evolving. And there’s been a magnitude of trial and error to get there. 

All research and development is completed through experimentation and collaborations with shapers and experienced surfers alike. All who ride my products, myself included – sharing knowledge to guide progression. 

Like all good stories, this one ends where it all started – In the ocean. As all surfers know, our artform is in the water. A fin is more than just an extension of a board, its another medium for expression.   

If you’ve got any questions, fire them my way - always happy to help.

Otherwise, see you out there!